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Top Telecom Service Providers in East Africa

by Susubiribi
Top Telecom Service Providers in East Africa

In our article about top telecom service providers in East Africa, I start by saying that communications networks promote local and international businesses. This is commonly seen in the East of Africa where the use of cell phones are more than postal services and transportation services across countries with unfavourable and unpredicted climate. Eastern African Countries (EAC) partnered together in 2014 to build a structure specifically to regulate the five economical markets of the Eastern African Countries namely; Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, as well as extending it to South Sudan. This partnership was specifically to check the number of customers visiting business establishments within and across those countries to ensure that mobile charges are reduced and no charges for mobile roaming services.

Airtel Africa, a top telecom service provider


Airtel Africa plc is a global company that offers telecommunications and mobile money services. They are in 14 African countries. Mainly in the Eastern, Central, and Western African countries. Bharti Airtel, an Indian communication services company has the biggest shares in Airtel Africa.

They are sorely known for providing telecom and mobile money services worldwide. Airtel Africa was worth $408 million as in 2020 and earns $200M for its mobile money services.

Safaricom as a top telecom service provider


Safaricom PLC is a Kenyan registered cellular network service operator with its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya. This happens to be the biggest telecom service provider in Kenya and is recorded as one of the remunerative firms within Eastern and Central Africa. The company provides mobile phones, mobile money transfer, electronic devices, electronic commerce, on-demand computing services, data, music streaming, and glass fibre services. This firm is famously called the home of MPESA, a mobile banking which is based on short messages services.

Safaricom in 2020, represented 64.5% of the market shares in Kenya and recorded 35.6 million subscribers. They boasted of a market share of 69.2% and 92.2% for mobile voice and SMS respectively.

This Telecommunications company was found in 1997 as a branch of Telkom Kenya. The Vodafone Group PLC of the United Kingdom in May 2000, bought 40% shares of the company. The government presented 25% shares to the citizens via Nairobi Security Exchange and awarded Africa’s Best Employer. This also placed them 67th in the World and was recognized on the list of Forbes Global 200 World’s Best Employers.

Safaricom created a regular job for over 4,500 people and casual jobs for over 1900 people as well.

Ethiopian Telecommunications Company as a top telecom service provider


Ethio telecom, formerly called the Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation (ETC), happens to be an Ethiopian telecom service provider company extensively providing internet and telephone services. The company belongs to the Ethiopian government and has complete control over all telecom service providers in Ethiopia. On 17 September 2005, their telephony changed.

Their designations changed from two digits to three (or, from outside Ethiopia, one digit to two) making phone numbers changing from six digits to seven digits.

Bandwidth and Cloud Services (BCS) Group

BCSC, founded in 2010 has its headquarters in Mauritius providing telecom services on large scale and licensed to operate in each of Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda helping Burundi, DRC, Ethiopia, South Sudan, and Zambia at their borders respectively. This company has 2500 km of terrestrial fiber in Uganda and a size of 50 Gbps in The East African Marine System (“TEAMS”), holding shares of 1.25% in the submarine cable system.


This telecom group also rents out extra transmission supplying a perfect connection of mobile backhaul in excess to the various telecom and internet service providers. This company has since 2014 supported construction experts in many markets in East and Central Africa to set up 2,480 km of optic fiber systems supplying Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (“EPC”) for entrepreneurs.

Considering the fact that BCS controls and manages its own internet connectivity, BCS Group has access to unlimited bandwidth enhances high patronage in business. This organisation evaluates that they form one-third of the internet scope in all of Rwanda, South Sudan, and Uganda, estimated by traffic survey.

Business clients patronising them records data subscriptions of two- thirds facilitating about half of the size needed.

This telecommunication service provider deals in IPT, IPL services as well as the construction of optic cables and network services over the Eastern, Central, and Southern African countries. Recently, they recorded 98% for mobile data subscriptions with 3 times increase in Eastern Africa than the other parts of Africa. This zone has had cellular devices increasing and getting into the market, shooting the figure up to nearly 71% placing a high demand on bandwidth worldwide.

BCSC aims to enable their telecom service providers to grow the number of Wi-Fi subscribers and to offer outstanding internet at cheaper rates. Also, they aspire to authorize and allow Web hosting services promoting good customer satisfaction by providing them with remarkable telecommunication services in East Africa.

With these telecom service companies, telecommunication in East Africa has increased with steadiness and promises a golden future for the economy of the region.

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